The Leela, Mumbai October 16th - 2014

About ISFS (India SME Financial Summit)

Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) sector has emerged as a highly vibrant and dynamic sector of the Indian economy. The sector contributes about 8 per cent of India's GDP, 45 per cent of the manufacturing output and 40 per cent of the exports. The fact that enterprises which are generally low capitalized and which use localized resources can impact the employment scenario in such a significant manner, is truly outstanding. The strongest differentiator for SMEs is the competitive business model, which emphasizes the use of cost - effective and local resources, capital, processes and labor, ensuring an effective ROI. However, to fuel this competitive edge and ensure that SMEs fully optimize their resources and opportunities, SMEs need timely and unrestricted access to financial services, which has historically been severely constrained.

The key focus of the conference "India SME Financial Summit"is to highlight the key challenges of the SME in raising funds to fuel their growth. Also it will throw light on how important it is to focus better financing and accounting practices for infusing new funds for growth either through banking or through private equity, etc. It would also briefly highlight on strategic initiatives, policies and frameworks initiated by the government and financial institutions to help SMEs maximize financing avenues and build a strong growth trajectory.

To support the promising SMEs, the conclave will focus on L istening, Sharing and Advocating a Pro - Business Environment and Identifying, Enabling and Seeding Innovative Start - up. It also plans to have a very specific number of one - on - one sessions with a few of the attendees.

Interactive One on One Session for Boosting your Business Growth (with Prior Appointment):

  • Transforming your business to a Digital - Centric Future
  • Better Manage Your Financials, Accounting &Business Costs
  • How to Tap on Innovation to Give Your Business the Competitive Edge
  • How important it is to secure your Company Network
  • How to Streamline your Retail Business Processes for Exponential Growth